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Школа Кейтеринг и Шоу Магазин Планировка баров ↓ Fight Club Контакты

King Ring

Fight Club

Location: undefined / Always in different locations!
Rules: fight without rules / just crazy flair /creative!!!
Time: 6 min / to 3 on a fighter! Head2Head stile!
Judges: Flairbar
Prize: First place 1000$ / best trick 200$
Enter: 20$
All participants will be invited personally!!!
Venue will be known at the invitation!!!
Closed format of competition!!!

Организаторы и координаторы Fight Club

Zemskov Aleksandr
Организатор Fight Club
Руководитель Международной школы барменов Flairbar
Представитель FBA (Flair Bartenders Association) в Киеве
Phone: (067) 951-71-95, (044) 599-78-88
USA /NV/ Las Vegas +1 (702) 202-7088
e-mail: flairbar-alex@mail.ru

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